Here at Rushmore Press, we understand the importance of good publication—competitive book pricing, book cover quality, and high literary standard of writing.

With 18 years of experience as a literary agency and book marketing company, Rushmore Press understands the challenges that self-published authors have been facing. We are committed in providing excellent services to ensure that our authors’ needs are taken care of.

Our ABA Book Selling Program offers a unique approach towards marketing your books online. Our goal is to establish a market value not only for your books but also for you, as an author.

Our team of experts and professionals will act as the ambassadors of your story.

Your book will undergo our review process for qualification. Once we get a positive feedback from our affiliate reviewers, our literary advisors will then come up with a book selling program that will pave the way for your success as an author.


Step 1. Submit Your Manuscript for Book Review

Our literary advisor will qualify your book based on our company’s target genre and market. Once qualified we will proceed to the review process.


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Step 2. Book Review Process ( ETA 2-3 days)

We will forward your book to our affiliate reviewers to make sure that the literary standard of your book, meets our literary agent’s expectation before getting considered for a representation deal.


Step 3. Endorsement to Literary Experts and Marketing Team. To finalize the unique book selling program for your book. ( ETA 24hrs).

Final Step:  Proposal

We will finalize the contract and discuss with you the details to make sure that both parties have an educated decision before proceeding with the partnership.