Rushmore Press is a literary agency founded in Las Vegas with 18 years of book publication and marketing experience.

We deliver effective and competitive book publishing related services with guaranteed comprehensive support for authors.

Our mission is to become a global leading book distribution and literary agency; aiming to provide excellent solutions for the challenges that self-published authors particularly come across, such as high book pricing, low royalty share, poor book cover quality and substandard   editing services. Our main objective for our authors is to ensure that your books are introduced to your target readers.

Rushmore Press is a hybrid book publishing and literary agency. From time to time, we represent authors in the book publishing industry, wherein our experience and expertise are catalysts in adding value to each project that we manage.

Mission and Vision

With 18 years of experience in the book publishing and marketing business, our mission is to be the worldwide leading book distrubution and literary agency. We are here to provide solutions to all the challenges that self published authors have. i.e high book pricing, low royalty share, poor quality of book cover and below the industry standard editing. Our goal is to get your book to your target readers


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